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June 26 2013


Height Insoles

Earlier this week rumors were a buzz about Tom Cruise and his supposed shoe lifts. There has been speak of a leak from an assistant, a fired spokeswoman seeking for vengeance as well as Nicole Kidman drunk at a party talking about her short ex-counterpart. Nobody inside the Hollywood press can determine exactly where this rumor grew legs. The 1 thing everyone can agree on is Tom Cruise was short and now he's not.There has been talk on the growing Cruise shadowing more than his new young lady Katie Holmes at his recent Mission Not possible: three premiere in Hollywood final month. Cruise's spokesman, Paul Bloch, insisted that nothing was out of the ordinary: "He had normal footwear on."I recently spotted Matthew McConaughey in the Texas Film Hall of Fame induction and he was 5'11"! Funny, years ago when I was an further around the film "The Newton Boys," Mathew McConaughey sauntered as much as the dinner wagon. He was at ideal 5'6"! And that's generous! I've seen Sandra Bullock greater than as soon as and she's also tiny--5'3"! Has McConaughey's celebrity height suddenly enhanced inside a 30ish growth spurt or are film star McConaughey's boots filled with new lifts? What do you consider, bubba?

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